Background – the story behind establishment of RUSTIC

RUSTIC stands for Rural Unfortunates’ Safety Talisman Illumination Cottage. The very name embeds the philosophy of the establishment – a common light house to show an avenue to fight against injustice and discrimination aiming at safeguarding the interests of the rural unfortunates who are increasing migrating to urban areas.

RUSTIC was founded by Moral Noor Mohammad who upholds a great passion and strength to lead a fight against injustice and discrimination.

Moral – literally meaning a village leader – spontaneously participated in huma-nitarian works at his very boyhood in early 1960s.

Moral participated in student politics – not in the sense of present day student politics – and is a War Veteran (Beer Muktijodhya) of the Independence War of Bangladesh of 1971.

Moral emerged as a Labour Leader in late 1970s when large and small industries started to shut down or call lay-offs. This sickness of industries bombed a heavy blow to an already under-employed population, especially for the urban or pro-urban populations of a war-torn country.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) started to work in a complimentary role along side with Government Agencies. Moral shared the idea of establishing an NGO with like-minded social workers. One of the prominent social worker suggested that the proposed NGO should intervene into such a sector which is generally bypassed or ignored by other NGOs.

It was observed that the Waste Management Sector was generally bypassed or ignored by other NGOs. The Sweepers (locally known as Methors) belonging to the discriminated community used to do the job. RUSTIC decided to mainly focus on service delivery in Waste Management Sector.

RUSTIC has been honored with a number of prestigious awards including Ashoka Fellowship from Ashoka Innovators for the Public (USA) and Climate Champion Award from HSBC Bank in 2013 on Climate Adaptation.

RUSTIC has struggled for more than 20 years to pioneer private sector expertise for the Sustainable Waste Management in Khulna City while it has taboos of bitter experience of working with Local Government elites and Bureaucracies in Bangladesh.

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