Our vision is safe disposal of waste and sustainable waste sector service delivery system free from injustice and discrimination by the vested interest groups.

Waste Collection: While the number of residents in Khulna City has been increasing, the number of community bins are decreasing resulting in no other alternative but to go for either door-to- door collection or self-delivery to drains. Self-delivery to drains resulting in drainage blockade and substantial rise in the drainage system maintenance costs. Hence, door-to- door collection is very much important. RUSTIC has been playing – as a private sector initiative - a leading role in promoting the door-to- door waste collection in Khulna city. Communities have been mobilized to participate in door-to- door collection. RUSTIC and its allied 7 community enterprises have been providing daily door-to- door waste collection services to a total of 10,000 city households (50,000 persons). KCC also provides daily door-to- door waste collection services to a total of 10,000 city households (50,000 persons). Thus the private and public sector participation in daily door-to- door collection stands at 20,000 city households constituting only 8% of the total households in the city. Around 20% households self-deliver waste to community bins while around 50% households self-deliver waste to drains. The remaining households self-deliver waste to unused spaces of their own homestead or to vacant plots of land in the neighborhood. The present situation of waste collection in Khulna City is in a public health crisis. But on the contrary, there is an opportunity to create 1,100 jobs with monthly income of BDT 1.63 Crore (16.3 Million) for door to door waste collection provided there is no injustice or discrimination to the toiling masses who are practically doing this odd job. There are more than 250,000 families living in Khulna city who are willing to pay for convenient disposal of their wastes. Private initiatives are required to commercialize this odd job.

Organic Waste Recycling: RUSTIC is running a Compost Plant to drive Garbage to Garden. The plant recycles 240 Metric Tons of organic waste to produce 60 Metric Tons of Compost (Organic) Fertilizer per year with a market value of BDT 720,000. Thus RUSTIC has turned the problem of waste into an economic opportunity. The city generates the organic waste to produce 6,000 Metric Tons of Compost worth of more than 7 Crore (70 million) BDT. We are ready to help you to get the skills so that you can transform waste into useful stuff and creating healthier communities.

We have training manuals for different courses aiming at different categories of stakeholders. We maintain a resource pool of Chartered Waste Managers from Khulna City Corporation, Khulna University of Engineering & Technolog, Khulna University and Waste Recycling Business Personalities.

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