Monoaur Hossain (Moinul)

Chairman of RUSTIC

A multifaceted individual with a diverse range of interests and accomplishments, the Chairman has been actively engaged in various creative pursuits from a young age. With a passion for theatre, acting, scriptwriting, film making, and television news, he has cultivated a rich background in the arts. Complementing his artistic endeavors, the Chairman has forged a successful career as a businessman, specializing in startup ventures and product marketing.

Having completed a PGD in Marketing and an MBA from a prestigious U.K. university, he brings a wealth of business acumen to his endeavors. With 28 years of experience in product marketing, he is widely recognized as an expert in sales and marketing, particularly in the areas of export-import in the UK, USA, and Bangladesh.

Currently serving as the Chairman of RUSTIC (Rural Unfortunates Safety Talisman Illumination Cottage), the Chairman also holds the position of Vice Chairman at Channel S (UHD Satellite Television), a part of Sunshine Television Ltd. Additionally, he serves as the Managing Director of KGSM GROUP ( and CRAYTEC SOLUTION LTD (

In these leadership roles, the Chairman actively applies his expertise to contribute to the community. Through Channel S-UHD Satellite Television and various projects, there is a steadfast commitment to promoting social responsibility and supporting those in need. A dedicated advocate for environmental sustainability, he passionately promotes and sells eco-friendly products, emphasizing the importance of addressing global warming and climate change.

As a promoter of environmentally friendly products, the Chairman collaborates with businesses to introduce and market sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. He is committed to assisting businesses in reducing their carbon footprint and minimizing the environmental impact of their operations.

Beyond business pursuits, the Chairman is a fervent social activist and charity worker, accumulating over 28 years of experience in the field. Grounded in the belief of giving back to the community, he has been actively involved in various causes, including advocacy for human rights, promotion of gender equality, and opposition to discrimination.

Since 2016, the Chairman has been closely associated with the non-profit organization "RUSTIC" (Rural Unfortunates Safety Talisman Illumination Cottage), where the vision is to create an equitable and just society through self-will and empowerment. RUSTIC's mission is rooted in mainstreaming sustainable development to the backward, deprived, vulnerable, and affected individuals.

In summary, the Chairman is a dedicated social activist and charity worker, coupled with a successful business career. Whether advocating for human rights or championing environmentally friendly products, he approaches each endeavor with passion, dedication, and a commitment to making the world a better place. The goal is to reduce the environmental impact of businesses, raise public awareness, and promote a more sustainable future for all.