RUSTIC Philosophy

Bangladesh is not a poor country by tradition and instead is a treasure trove for agricultural resources. Despite this fact, it is considered to be one of the poorest nations in the developing world. Natural disasters, lack of formal education, slow industrialization, and a lack of democracy translates into people having little voice in the governance of their country. The dream of building a developed nation is gradually fading away. Lack of transparency and accountability in the management of wealth translates into few people getting richer and most being pushed to the margin. The poor are unable break out of the vicious circle of poverty.

It is time to find an effective way to give hope for the survival and development of the left out majority. RUSTIC emerged to instill this dream into the left out majority. It is a non-profit and non-government voluntary organization, that works towards socio-economic and environmental development and bio-diversity conservation in Bangladesh.


RUSTIC’s vision is an equitable and just society facilitated through self-will and empowerment; it seeks to create a dignified and poverty-free society.


“Poverty alleviation is well-known to the poor - only assistance is required.” It is essential to mainstream sustainable development to the backward, deprived, vulnerable, and affected men, women, and children.